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The sculptures are designed to maximize the reflection of the direct sunlight as well as amplify the light from the embedded LEDs. 

These reflections are unpredictable and a various set of lighting effects could appear based on numerous factors such as: the direction and intensity of the light as well the design of reflectors in each of the sculptures, be it a a concave lens, a folded fan, a bladed hemisphere etc..


At the end, each sculpture, acts as a lighting fixture offering beautiful lighting effects while utilizing as little energy as possible in the process.

Totems: Light-Centric Sculptures

This intervention is presented in the form of a site-specific installation that integrates daylight design and sculpture through creating detached light fixtures that can exist as stand-alone art objects.

The idea behind this intervention is derived from the practice of Daylighting Design that tends to integrate architectural elements that control the intensity, glare, and direction of the sunlight and daylight in specific areas inside the building. 

The installation comprises of five design variations with reflective objects emulating the shapes of concave lenses, fans and blades. 

The concept came after Ghassan Salameh Studio went to inspect a fabrication factory and its machinery to learn more about its production methods and techniques. 


The week-long journey inside the factory yielded design ideas inspired by little details from the daily routine of the craftsmen.

For instance, found objects and discarded waste material in the carpentry workshop traced everyday experimentations and adaptations of the machine work and celebrated above all the resourcefulness and skill of those who operate the tools and utilize their experience to find solutions for design. Wood shavings from the milling machines were acquired as the basis for inspiring one of the sculptures. Scratches and paint stains inspired the design of the others. 


While capitalizing on the modern methods and techniques provided at the factory,

GSS sought to emphasize their continuities with the traditional methods of production by paying tribute to the craftsmanship realizing and perfecting the final pieces of the design.

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